Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Youthful rebellion. Whim. Love. The cool factor. Fashion. There are lots of reasons people get tattoos. But life changes. Your job requires a more professional appearance. Fashions change. Relationships end.

Tattoos need not be permanent. With state-of-the-art laser removal techniques, you can get rid of tattoos more comfortably, quickly and safely than ever before.

The SINON® ruby laser system directs energy toward ink in the skin with highly concentrated colored light beams. These laser beams break ink particles into tiny fragments, which are carried away by body’s scavenging cells. The procedure is bloodless and no incisions are made.

The process may require several sessions depending on the depth of the ink, and pigment colors. Complete removal depends on the size, location, age and color of the tattoo as well as the patient’s health and ability to heal.

There are other methods of tattoo removal, including dermabrasion, camouflage and excision of the skin. These methods may result in more damage to the skin and excessive scarring. Modern laser therapy has replaced most other treatment options. Most tattoo removal specialists, use laser technology as the sole treatment option.

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